2021: The Year’s Reading in Review

Herein I present to you the list of books that I read in Book Year 2021, which starts the week after Christmas and runs to the week after Christmas (so this is technically Book Year 2022, wherein the Executioner novel I’ve been nibbling at a chapter a night will likely be the first entry).

So, my assessment? I started strong with a number of classics finished (Wuthering Heights, David Copperfield, and The Picture of Dorian Gray among them). The Winter Reading Challenge from the library propelled me strongly along. Later in the year, though, I kind of bogged down and did not read as much–poetry and football browsers being the bulk of Q4. The Eric van Lustbader thriller The Ninja really bogged me down late in the year.

But I read:

  1. Black Hand The Executioner #178
  2. Boxer’s Start-up by Doug Werner
  3. War Hammer The Executioner #179
  4. One-Step Sparring by Shin Duk Kang
  5. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
  6. Whiskey Words & a Shovel by r.h. Sin
  7. Like the Pieces of Driftwood by Jon Francis
  8. Complete Karate by J. Allen Queen
  9. We Live on Mackinac Island
  10. Gettysburg Visions by Sam Weaver
  11. The House on the Rock
  12. Sid Meier’s MEMOIR! by Sid Meier and Jennifer Lee Noonan
  13. Book Lust by Nancy Pearl
  14. The Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Susan McBride
  15. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
  16. The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi / Translated by Thomas Cleary
  17. Books: A Memoir by Larry McMurtry
  18. Widows by Ed McBain
  19. Danger on Vampire Trail by “Franklin W. Dixon”
  20. Force Down The Executioner #180
  21. Vespers by Ed McBain
  22. Chocolate: The Consuming Passion by Sandra Boynton
  23. She Had Some Horses by Joy Harjo
  24. The Judgment of Caesar by Steve Saylor
  25. Karate! by Russell Kozuki
  26. A Ginger on a Mission by Lynn Daake
  27. Alien Nation by Alan Dean Foster
  28. The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity by Matthew Kelly
  29. Mission: Impossible by Peter Barsocchini
  30. Supercarrier by George C. Wilson
  31. More Book Lust by Nancy Pearl
  32. The Last Picture Show by Larry McMurtry
  33. True Lies by Dewey Gram and Duan Dell’Amico
  34. Men in Black II by Michael Teitlebaum
  35. On Bullshit by Harry G. Frankfurt
  36. High Fidelity by Nick Hornby
  37. The Book Shop by Penelope Fitzgerald
  38. Hackers by David Bischoff
  39. Babylon 5: The Coming of Shadows by Jane Killick
  40. Mr. Monk Goes To The Firehouse by Lee Goldberg
  41. Mr. Monk Goes To Hawaii by Lee Goldberg
  42. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
  43. Home Is Where The Heart Is by “Thomas Kinkade”
  44. Alien by Alan Dean Foster
  45. Heroes and Outlaws of the Old West by Shane Edwards
  46. The Great Optimist by Leigh Mitchell Hodges
  47. Journey Through Heartsongs by Mattie J. T. Stepanek
  48. Cocoon by David Saperstein
  49. The Blues Brothers by Miami Mitch
  50. Lethal Agent The Executioner #182
  51. Life After Favre by Phil Hanrahan
  52. Whoppers by Alvin Schwartz
  53. Rescue Run The Executioner #204
  54. Hell Road The Executioner #205
  55. I Remember Vince Lombardi by Mike Towle
  56. Moon of Mutiny by Lester del Rey
  57. Rock On by Dan Kennedy
  58. Coffee is Cheaper Than Therapy by Ann Conlkin Unruh
  59. Selected Poems by Mary Phelan
  60. The Pessimist’s Guide to History by Stuart Flexner and Doris Flecner
  61. Death Whisper The Executioner #208
  62. Three Comedies by Aristophanes
  63. My Cat Spit McGee by Willie Morris
  64. Asian Crucible The Executioner #209
  65. Fission Fury The Executioner #214
  66. Oriental Love Poems by Compiled by Michelle Lovric
  67. Firefly: The Official Companion Volume One
  68. Firefly: The Official Companion Volume Two
  69. Poetics South by Ann Deagon
  70. Sonic Warrior by Lou Brutus
  71. Laugh Lines by Alison Pohn
  72. Fire Hammer The Executioner #215
  73. Poems by Chris Alderman/Harold Alderman
  74. Four Past Midnight by Stephen King
  75. Descartes in 90 Minutes by Paul Strathern
  76. Lake Honor by Alan Brown and Brian Brown
  77. A Bend in the Road by edited by Mary A. Shaugnessy
  78. Gone in the Night by Alan Brown and Brian Brown
  79. Shadow Valley by Alan Brown and Brian Brown
  80. Carver: A Life In Poems by Marilyn Nelson
  81. The Controlled Clasp by John Bahnke
  82. Prayers and Meditations by Helen Steiner Rice
  83. We’re Doing Witchcraft by E. Kristin Anderson
  84. Thoughts from a Dark Room That Lit Up by Denzel Norris featuring Joel Smith
  85. The Legend of the One by Orlea Rayne
  86. Something to Someone by Javan
  87. One World, One Heart by Susan Polis Schutz with Stephen Schutz
  88. Thanksgiving Ideals magazine
  89. American Art Deco by Eva Weber
  90. Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation by edited by Tom Kratman
  91. Look What God Did! by Patty E. Thompson
  92. Whose Job Is It Anyway? by Patty E. Thompson
  93. Kung Fu Mace #4: The Year of the Dragon by Lee Chang
  94. Fugitive Blues by Debra Kang Dean
  95. I Marry You by John Ciardi
  96. Vengeance by Richard Marcinko and Jim DeFelice
  97. The Hirschfeld Century by David Leopold
  98. End Game The Executioner #218
  99. The Ornament Keeper by Eva Marie Everson
  100. Little Thoughts On Love by Anne Geddes
  101. Antoine Watteau
  102. Edward Hopper: A Modern Master by Ita G. Berkow
  103. At the End of the Rainbow by Mary Worley Gunn
  104. Field Stones by Robert Kinsley
  105. Terse Verse by Roberta Page
  106. In Praise of East Central Illinois by Alex Sawyer
  107. The Ninja by Eric Can Lustbader
  108. The Wisdom of Father Andrew by edited by Kathleen E. Burne

That’s a lot of Executioner novels–what, 11? I’m clearly making it a priority to finish that series presently.

I have a lot of fine, fine books–the Summa Theologiae now among them–to read, so perhaps I should make a greater priority of reading in the evenings.

108 is not as many as SupaTrey, but he includes audiobooks he listens to, and I only count the actual books I read (and physical books, too, not ebooks).

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