Book Report: We’re Doing Witchcraft by E. Kristin Anderson (2015)

Book coverI got this book from one of the bundles of chapbooks I bought at the Friends of the Springfield-Greene County Library book sale (he repeated).

This book is a more modern entry in the series (compared to these decades-old cards). They mostly deal with, of course, being young and a woman in the 21st century, relationships and the like. Growing older, learning, and so on. A cut above most of the things I read, actually, with longer lines and some good imagery, but some inchoate images and poems that didn’t speak to me.

A number of the entries are erasure poems, wherein she took another text and eliminated words, sentences, and presumably paragraphs to carry elison (ahut) into a new work with meaning. It’s an interesting exercise, but somehow seems less than writing something from scratch. However, I am sure it keeps the creative juices flowing, and here I am waiting for the muse to strike me at the exact moment I’m sitting at a coffee shop for thirty minutes with a notepad. Which happens sometimes, but not often. Perhaps I should get to coffee shops more.

At any rate, this chapbook was all right. Of course, Ms. Anderson doesn’t need my validation; her copyright page indicates she’s getting her work out without my blog’s linking to her work, which is just as well since it’s not on Amazon, and you guys don’t use the handy links when I provide them anyway.

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