Book Report: Thoughts from a Dark Room that Lit Up by Denzel Norris featuring Joel Smith (?)

Book coverThis book is from Faith over Fear Productions, so I expected some faith-based poetry, but there’s nary a mention of Jesus in it. Instead, it’s a collection of street poems, almost raps, dealing with relationships and whatnot. The poems have short lines with a bunch of chatter and not the distinct imagery but rather rhythmic, sometimes, abstract conversation. Less formal than grandmother poetry or decades-old greeting cards and not quite as poetic as more literary poetry of the 21st century, but probably not the poets’ goal.

Each poem is paired with a vivid abstract or abstactish piece of painting in color with full bleed to the edge of the pages–kind of like the cover image–and the layout is very good. As one reviewer said of my collection of poetry, the poetry is meh but the design is very good.

So not my bag, but your mileage may vary.

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