The Hidden Treasures Of Nogglestead Indict The Noggles For Their Poor Housekeeping/Improvement

So yesterday, as I was putting away two five packs of toothpaste in our master bedroom walk-in closet, I came to a discovery. Not that I am a hoarder, gentle reader, but in this the year of our Lord 2021, when you use one, you buy two, and the word “Limit” in a store means “Buy this many whether you need them right now or not.”

No; as I put the glued packs onto the high shelf in the closet, above my head but still reachable, I pushed them back, and they encountered resistance. I reached up there and found….

A… What, radio?

It turns out it’s a small wired speaker powered by three AAA batteries that you can plug into your Walkman or Discman to play them without headphones, I guess. I suppose it would work with an old iPod, too, as it has the 1/8″ stereo cord tucked under, so definitely designed for some mobile device.

I asked my beautiful wife if she recognized it, and she did not. It looks like a Bluetooth speaker, so I thought perhaps it might have been one that did not work well and that we abandoned. But as it’s a wired speaker….

It’s entirely possible that it’s been on that shelf ever since we’ve lived here, something that the previous owners did not see when moving out. I mean, I certainly did not see it from the ground level, and if I’ve brought a step into the closet to change the bulb, I didn’t look in that direction or it was behind other things. It damns me for not cleaning or reorganizing the closet in the entire time we’ve been here and for not repainting it, I suppose.

I just wish I’d find a trove of pre-1965 quarters instead of the normal sort of electronica I might buy at a garage sale with a modern quarter. Or I would have in days past; I’m not hitting many garage sales these days, and although I’ve gone to a couple estate sales in the recent months, I’m not accumulating the electronic bric-a-brac I used to.

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