Not The Press Release We Were Looking For

You know it’s too late to sell when the company issues the press release entitled Savvis says CEO didn’t expense lap dances:

Telecom carrier Savvis Communications Corp.(NasdaqSC:SVVS – News) on Monday said that its chief executive did not seek reimbursement for $241,000 in charges he allegedly incurred during a visit to a trendy Manhattan strip club.

That tab is at the center of a lawsuit filed last week by American Express.

The credit card company on Thursday filed suit against Savvis and its CEO Robert McCormick, saying they were two years late in paying charges McCormick rang up on his corporate credit card at Scores, a well-known New York strip club.

Gentle reader, please click the tipjar link, for my retirement is not forfeit.

Well, not really. I still have all those shares I exercised when I left the startup company I worked for. Oh, wait….

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