Husband Pleads Innocent

Somehow, some way, this blog is the number 1 search hit on Yahoo! for:

when your husband thinks you are better than him

I plead innocent, honey.

Update: Certain elements of the household have shown me how, due to the unique nature of Yahoo! algorhthyms, this result isn’t always number one on different computers, even different computers in the same house. Ah, well, obviously I’ve already had the incident purged from my record.

Worse Than International Law

I don’t know how I feel about this hit:

    Domain Name ? (United States Government)
    IP Address 208.27.x.x ? (ARIN – North America)
    Language Setting English
    Operating System Microsoft Win2000
    Browser Internet Explorer 5.5
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 5.0)
    Time of Visit Mar 21 2005 7:44:41 pm
    Last Page View Mar 21 2005 7:44:41 pm
    Visit Length 0 seconds
    Page Views 1
    Referring URL http://www.technorat…rl=Schiavo&start=200
    Visit Entry Page http://stlbrianj.blo…5_03_20_archive.html
    Visit Exit Page http://stlbrianj.blo…5_03_20_archive.html
    Time Zone UTC-5:00
    EST – Eastern Standard
    EDT – Eastern Daylight Saving Time
    Visitor’s Time Mar 21 2005 8:44:41 pm

That’s someone with the Federal court system doing a Technorati search on the name Schiavo.

Pleasepleaseplease do not reach a precedent-setting judicial decision based on what the blogosphere says.