Brian J. Noggle: Selected Works

[Photo of Brian J. on his throne.] Brian J. Noggle is a poet and performance artist renowned and sometimes reviled in the St. Louis area. He has published two collections of verse so far, Deep Blue Shadows (1995) and Unrequited (1994). In addition, his work has appeared in the Artisan Journal, Prologue, Show and Tell, Sink Full of Dishes, and elsewhere.

In addition to poetry, Brian writes fiction and maintains a weekly by e-mail column of commentary, the Cynic Express(d).
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Unrequited Title 
page photo Unrequited, Chapbook ca. 1994

Deep Blue Shadows Chapbook ca. 1995

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Brian J. Recommends:

Picture of Heather Heather Igert, a poet of rare beauty and rarer talent, as well as the love of my life.

The Artisan Journal , a journal of craft published in Chicago.

The Cynic Express(d), Brian's weekly column of commentary.

Heather's mother has visited this site times to make sure her daughter is making a wise decision.