Link Dump

It’s so unlike me to do a link dump, but I’ve got a number of interesting bits open in tabs and not enough time to write a post about each. Not that I spend hours writing intelligent, well thought out, and cohesive/comprehensive gloss on what others write anyway. Suddenly, living in trailers is a hipster […]

Taking the Papers

So they tell me that print is dead. However, over the last couple of weeks, I have subscribed to four newspapers. As you might know, gentle reader, I have been taking the weekly Greene County Commonwealth since it was the Republic Monitor, before that young Squibb fellow bought it. I’ve also started subscriptions to the […]

2018 Reading in Review

As you might remember, gentle reader, I tend to run my goal year not so much from January 1 to January 1 but from sometime the week after Christmas to sometime the week after Christmas. Something about the holidays makes me reflective and, increasingly, melancholy about the passage of the year. I didn’t have that […]