They See Me Coming

Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks to perform at Arrowhead Stadium Things I would have thought it impossible to say twenty years ago: It’s been over twenty years since I saw Billy Joel in concert. Which is true: It was his 2000 Years tour. Back when I was a technical writer and worked at DRA. He played […]

I Know That Guy

Well, all right, I don’t know that guy, but I see his face on a lot of record covers here at Nogglestead. One of my current projects is hunting down an article in Newsweek from the mid-1970s. I don’t know the year. I don’t know the month. So I’m accruing some old magazines to try […]

Managing the Christmas Playlists at Nogglestead

As you know, gentle reader, I have numerous Christmas albums acquired over decades (well, I inherited some eleven years ago and have added to the stash since) and I have a working record player this year. So am I listening to Christmas records 24/7? Unfortunately, no–as I am not spending much time in the kitchen/parlor/living […]

The Earliest Christmas At Nogglestead

I am not saying I am that guy or we’re that family; generally, we decorate for Christmas around Thanksgiving here at Nogglestead. But this year might be different. I played the first Christmas carols of the year last Friday because I got a disappointing email and because, well, 2020, man, although I am hopeful the […]