Eydie vs. Herb: The Ultimate Head-to-Head Musical Throwdown

As you might know, gentle reader, I favor the music of Eydie Gorme, and when she does a song that someone else does, I think Eydie does it better. (see this and this).

I also favor the stylings of Herb Alpert (as you can see how often his name appears on my Good Album Hunting post list and whatnot). As a matter of fact, I might own more Herb Alpert albums than Eydie Gorme.

So what happens when they do the same song?

Herb Alpert is the only recording artist to win a Grammy as a singer and as an instrumentalist. His vocal Grammy comes for the song “This Guy’s In Love With You”:

Somehow, Alpert’s voice surprised me when I heard him sing. I don’t know what I would have expected, but not that high and breathy. However, it’s still an awesome song.

And Eydie presents it thusly:

And, dude, it’s Eydie Gorme.

But, wait a minute: Herb Alpert sang “This Guy’s In Love With You”. Eydie Gorme sang “This Girl’s In Love With You”. So, technically, they are not the same song.

So Eydie did the best version of “This Girl’s In Love With You”, and Herb Alpert did the best version of “This Guy’s In Love With You”.

Whew. That was a close one. I was afraid the collision would destroy my musical space-time continuum.

Carry on.

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