Good Book Hunting, Friday, September 22, 2017: Hooked on Books

We had a little time to kill between appointments yesterday, so we stopped into Hooked on Books for a couple minutes.

Which is all I needed.

I got four from the dollar books section and two from the philosophy section.

  • Cat Fear No Evil, one of the Joe Grey mysteries by Shirley Rosseau Murphy, who wrote The Catswald Portal. I thought about checking the series out, and here is one for a dollar. Can’t miss for that.
  • The Maine Lobster Book by Mike Brown. Looks to be similar to The Lobster Chronicles. Which reminds me: When I hunger for this sort of literature, I have a couple of Linda Greenlaw’s other books floating around here somewhere.
  • Plain and Simple: A Woman’s Journey to the Amish by Sue Bender.
  • The New Prince which promises or threatens to be an update to Machiavelli’s treatise. This volume is by Dick Morris, the political consultant, so who knows its worth–I will someday, perhaps. I did allude to the original in a book report yesterday, so of course I was primed for this book.
  • The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra. This is the thirty-fifth anniversary edition, and it was right next to the twenty-fifth anniversary edition, which indicates that this has remained in print for a while. Probably more relevant than The Tao of Elvis.
  • Spirit of Shaolin by David Carradine. The actor from the two Kung Fu television series talks about his exploration of Eastern thought and martial arts. The book was written three years after his turn in Warlords.

At any rate, a good couple of minutes. I look forward to reading these books, but unfortunately, I will put them on my to-read bookshelves, where they will be lost for years.

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