So, Almost 10 Years Later….

I took a quick look at an old post (Good Book Hunting: August 27, 2007, and I zoomed in on the picture of my to-read shelves in Old Trees, and I thought, Man, I need to get to reading some of those books.

My to-read bookshelves, 2007
Click for full size

I see a bunch of them on the shelves then that I have not yet read. Mostly because they’re big and colorful and draw my attention to them even today. Also, because they’re still unread. In my defense, such as it is, I have more than doubled the size of the to-read stacks since then, and most of the books I’ve read in the interim have been acquired since then.

Also, in my defense, amongst the books I bought that day, I have read:

That’s 10 of the 23 I bought that day, so I’ve got that going for me.

Amongst the things I can identify on the shelves, I know I’ve probably read most of the McBain books present; the Ogden Nash volumes of poetry; Seawitch by Alistair MacLean; The Lord of the Rings trilogy; Hannibal: The Novel; a couple of the Gor novels; and probably more.

So I’m making progress, just probably not as much as I am making the potential for progress.

How many to-read shelves do I have today? Seven full bookshelves and a small bookshelf.

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