Symptoms of My Sinophilia

As I might have mentioned (not so recently) that I’ve been studying Chinese history. I bought my beautiful wife a new radio receiver for Valentine’s Day, which allows her to play music from her iPhone. This allows me to monopolize the CD player in the truck, so I’ve returned to the Teaching Company/Great Courses history […]

Last Week, My Laptop Failed To Boot

Generally, this is a prelude explaining the dearth of posting, gentle reader, but this story is unrelated to the dearth of posting. That particular ennui stems from not being particularly interested in posting political hot takes because I’m not convincing anyone and venting my spleen is not actually letting any fresh air into my spleen […]

How I Select A Book To Read

After finishing a book, I’m sometimes inspired to read another one immediately, or some life event will make me want to read something I know I have. Like today. Here is a dramatic recreation: I’m listening to a Great Courses lecture series on ancient civilizations (now that I finished the series on Chinese history). We’re […]

Brian J. Kills Celebrities Dead

This morning, I saw the headline that Vanity died. Vanity, a former protege of Prince’s and a member of Vanity 6, has died at age 57, TMZ reports. According to the website, the singer — born Denise Katrina Matthews — had long suffered from kidney failure and recently battled abdominal illness. The story mentions her […]