Another Book Reader of Note

Wombat-socho at the Other McCain occasionally does a round-up of his recent reading.

He did one today.

I know I have not been reading much over the last couple of weeks; a chapter or two of a book or a short story or part of a long short story at night, Christmas cards and chapbooks during football games.

Which is not going to get me through this library any time soon. And it’s not getting me to reading the source material from audiobooks and audio courses I’ve listened to such as Aristotle or St. Augustine (although Pamela which I heard about briefly in The English Novel, remains only barely started beside my reading chair).

Part of it is that my reading chair is near the video game arena in the family room, so most nights it’s given over to my boys playing video games and watching one or two different videos each which does not lend itself to quiet, reflective reading (unlike, say, football games).

I might have to remove myself to another location to read in the evenings. When we first moved to Nogglestead twelve years ago, I did my reading upstairs because my recliner was in front of the television for watching football until we got a living room set for the lower level. I might make my way up there again, which would also lend itself to listening to records, which would mean that it wouldn’t take me months to read the things I accumulate at book sales.

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