Ackshually Patrol

At PJ Media, Wretchard writes:

The visuals of Elon Musk working on his fleet of spaceships to Mars while earth writhes in fear of the pandemic, global warming, and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan gives off a When Worlds Collide vibe. That 1951 movie concerns the desperate efforts to build a space ark to transport a group of men and women to another planet to avoid the coming destruction of the Earth by a rogue star.

C’mon, man, it was a 1933 novel, man. Which I read in sixth grade.

I bought the sequel, After Worlds Collide, in 2007, and I intend to read it sometime before the time between then and 2007 surpasses the time between sixth grade and when I bought the sequel. Given I bought the sequel 14 years ago, I’d better get on it.

I am pretty sure it’s in the right most bookshelves in my office in the front, which will help me should I remember I mean to read it.

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