Özel Türkbaş Warned Me There’d Be Videos Like This

Well, no; one can only wonder what the woman behind the LP How To Make Your Husband A Sultan: Belly Dance with Özel Türkbaş would think of this:

I certainly like the music more than the traditional Middle Eastern belly dances.

Apparently, Diana Bastet, probably not her real name, has videos stretching back ten years with dances to various songs with various degrees of production effort as well as some belly dancing workouts. The About page on YouTube says she performs at festivals, but certainly not church festivals, and probably not on this side of the pond.

I found this video because one of the applications I am testing now allows you to link to YouTube videos, and of course, I’m linking to symphonic metal videos.

I did not use any of Bastet’s work as test data, however.

You can see more of Ms. Bastet in motion on YouTube. I have added some photos, which are strangely not blurry, below the fold.

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