Good Book Hunting, Thursday, June 10, 2021: Webster Groves, Missouri, Book Stores

Gentle reader, it has been over a decade since we left Old Trees, Missouri. Back when we left or shortly thereafter, one could buy books at The Webster Groves Book Shop or Pudd’nhead Books in Old Orchard. My, times have changed. Now you can buy books at The Novel Neighbor and the (new) Webster Groves Book Shop. So it’s kind of the same, except that it’s not. Old Trees was very maskappy, with a lot of people masked up.

But they were near the old homestead, and I was jonesing for more books for my vacation. And I felt compelled to pick up something at each place.

At The Novel Neighbor, I had to wander the store a number of times before I finally picked up The Vintage Geek, a quiz book about “geek” stuff that I thought perhaps we could quiz each other on the ride home. As it stands, though, when the car starts, the devices turn on, and I watch the road and listen to lectures.

At the new location of The Webster Groves Book Shop, I was also kind of flummoxed as to what to buy until I found the local author’s section, where I found:

  • Coffee Is Cheaper Than Therapy by Ann Conklin Unruh.
  • Nuts About Squirrels by Don Corrigan.
  • Selected Poems by Mary Phelan.
  • White Knight Escort Service by Leah Holbrooke Sackett.

So that’s five books at full price. Which was expensive. But it might have saved my vacation, as it gave me a couple of interesting things to read not only at the resort in De Soto, but also into the future.

Sadly, though, I only know one of the authors. Although Don Corrigan, the editor of some of the local free papers, did publish one of my letters back in the day.

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