“So What Do You Want To Do In Branson?” My Beautiful Wife Asked

I had mentioned maybe taking a weekend in Branson this summer to my beautiful wife this weekend, and she said, “So what do you want to do in Branson?”

“Go to Calvin’s Books,” I said. I mean, I guess we could do a show. But Calvin’s Books was a given, along with walking up to the Uptown Cafe to see a country singer while I eat breakfast.

Well, strike that trip to Calvin’s Books. Well-known Branson bookstore closing doors due to pandemic challenges, rent spike:

Calvin’s Used Books owner Heidi Sampson said the bookstore faced tough financial struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a recent rent spike leaves them with no other choice but to walk away from their business.

Although the video story shows them moving their inventory out instead of liquidating it, so one can hope that perhaps they might reopen later in Hollister or West Branson where rents might be less expensive.

So we might as well cancel our weekend in Branson since there’s nothing to do there now.

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