Spotted My Neighborhood In The British Tabloids

Okay, not exactly my neighborhood, but my region in the Daily Star:

It’s to this “story:” Owls are psychic aliens behind UFO abductions and spooky events, bizarre book says.

The caption in the article reads:

A driver was miraculously uninjured after spotting an owl on a mountain highway and crashing, says the book

It’s not clear whether this story takes place in the Ozarks, but the picture does. I was on Highway 13 today; it enters Springfield from the south as Massey/Campbell Road coming up from Kimberling City, jogs over on the James River Freeway and then runs north out of town on Kansas Expressway. When I drive to Kansas City I take Highway 13 up to Clinton and then jog was on 7.

No telling if the story from the book takes place down here or if that’s just the owl on a highway sign they found on the Internet.

It’s not like I’m going to buy the book to find out.

(This is the second time this spring that my neighborhood, roughly, has made it on the Internet; the first was this meme.)

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