A Fashion Plate, 2021

So today, I wore a suit to church because it was a little cooler, and the suit jacket would be a little warmer just in case I spun the car out on some hidden ice on the way.

As it happened, I did not; and I remembered why I don’t like to wear the suit(s) to church. When I got them a couple years back, the people at the suit shop tailored them to fit rather tightly (and the weight I’ve gained, I have recently regained in the shoulders which make the vest tight across the back, than you very much). Which makes it difficult to carry my usual assortment of just-in-case items (flashlight, lighter, multi-tool, slimmed down key set with bespoke fob) plus notepad, pen, small phone, and trifold wallet. I mean, I generally have to get carpenters’ jeans or extra waist inches just to fit my fat thighs into them, but I have really have come to appreciate the extra pocket space as well.

And in the first years of the Current Unpleasantness, I’ve had to carry a disposable face mask.

Which I wore this morning as a modern pocket square.

It’s just the thing for the virtue-signaling fashion-forward gentleman in 2021.

Except me. I don’t think I’ll be in this suit until the next funeral. Which is hopefully not in 2021.

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