Places Where You Straighten Your Fingers If You’re Brian J.: A Companion Guide

This thing on my little finger has helped me to identify places and conditions where I straighten my fingers completely since it is supposed to prevent that very maneuver, and it hurts a bit anyway.

I straighten my fingers completely, generally, when I:

  • Wash my hands.
  • Put my hands through the sleeves of long-sleeved shirts.
  • Fold laundry.
  • Hold mass market paperbacks with a single hand whilst snacking with the right.

Also, knife hand and ridge hand strikes in martial arts classes, but the focus over the last year has been closed fist boxing strikes, so not a lot of call for the more traditional tae kwon do hand techniques. Not that I have been on the mat enough in the last year anyway.

I now return you to the regular nonsense on this blog already in progress.

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