Eight Years Later,

In 2012, I posted a list of the top 100 movies of the year and made a quiz of it, identifying which I had seen.

Back then, the total was two.

Eight years on, the total is now five as I have seen The Dark Knight Rises, Ted, and John Carter.

Looking over the list, I might make out another dozen that I would be interested in seeing in the next decade, assuming that the DVDs are still available on the 2 for $1 shelf at the local video store. And that I end up going back to the video store regularly before it finally converts to a full-time CBD distributor and eventually closes.

6 thoughts on “Eight Years Later,

  1. As you might recall, I re-read some of the John Carter books after watching the film.

    Although that was two years ago.

    But I thought the film was okay. I watched it without the books fresh in mind, so I think I could watch it as an artifact of its own. And it was okay as a bit of summer pulp viewing.

    I didn’t think so much of the differences to have called them out in a post, anyway.

  2. You know, I think I’ve seen your post about the film before.

    As I said, there was enough distance between my previous readings of the books and watching the film that I could not isolate all the plot differences, so I was not bothered by them. And it did make me want to read the books again, which is definitely a plus (and I did).

    By the way, I loved the Dynamite comics based on the old properties that I used to buy at Comic Cave before it closed. Now, would have to either pay more than a dollar for them in a real comics store or get really lucky in one of the video game or RPG shops in town that have long boxes full of mixed longboxes to find a run of any length.

    (By the way, I cleaned the typos in your comment as directed. It is the goal of MfBJN to make all of its commenters, which is you and Rob K. these days, look smaht.)

  3. My gratitude for the typographical cleanup. I’ll try to be more careful.

    I think I’d have handled the changes if there hadn’t been so many plot holes and Kitsch had done a better job. This way they just added to the problems. And the Dynamite run started out well — then I moved and wasn’t close to a shop so I lost their narrative, but I remember enjoying the reads & being really impressed with the Gullivar Jones inclusion.

  4. I’d previously typed up a reply to this comment, but I think I cleared my cache and cookies before actually posting it, so it was lost to the ages.

    I looked back in my notes, and I don’t actually have any of the Dynamite Warlord of Mars titles–but I’ve probably seen them advertised in other contemporaneous Dynamite titles. I do have the first issue of the Marvel Warlord of Mars (the 21st century movie-tie in), and I am pretty sure that reading it inspired me to watch the film (unfortunately, though, I don’t track my comic reading enough to know exactly when I read it, unlike my book reading of the last ten or fifteen years).

    So, basically, the progression seems to be comic > movie > original books.

    Which I think will also be the course of The Hobbit for me with the addition of cartoon movie between comic and movie. Albeit this one won’t be as quick as the John Carter progression was.

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