Good Book Hunting, June 3, 2016: Friends of the Rogersville Library Book Sale

I did not know that Rogersville had its own library; I don’t remember seeing it when I went to town for the old Missouri Insight blog (reposted here). As an old railroad town, it would have had the opportunity to create its own library before the Springfield-Greene County library or Webster County library took root.

So I discovered it had a Friends of the Library organization and a small book sale fund raiser, I was all on it. I stopped by early Friday morning. It was held in a small conference room off the side of the small town library. How small? It might have been the smallest I’ve ever been to. Smaller than Clever, for sure.

I only bought three things.

I got:

  • Halo: The Fall of Reach, another Halo novel by Eric Nyland. I liked First Strike. And I also say a high school kid at the dojo carrying one of these novels. So it probably won’t be long until I read this one. It is, after all, a paperback that won’t clear much from my to-read shelf space.
  • Spider Man: The Octopus Agenda, a novel by Diane Duane. I most recently read Duane’s So You Want To Be A Wizard, but this one will probably be more in my wheelhouse. It probably won’t be one I carry around with me to read as I only like to be seen in public with SMAHT books these days.
  • A single volume of Henry David Thoreau including Walden, The Maine Woods, and Cape Cod. I’ve recently pulled my paperback copy of Walden from the read shelves for a re-reading, so I can put it back and substitute this book, which I can take out in public because it’s a SMAHT book. Except I might not because it’s big and heavy.

Not much, but it wasn’t a big selection. No t-shirts or applications to join the Friends of the Rogersville Library, sadly, or I would have added those to my collections.

And since I recently cleaned part of my library, I had room for them easily. So I should be in pretty good shape until the autumn book sales unless I hit a mother lode at a church sale or something. You don’t see many books at contemporary single family home garage sales.

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