Good Book Hunting: August 16, 2008

Last Saturday, we stumbled across a couple of yard sales, reminding ourselves why we’ve stopped going to yard sales. However, I picked up a couple buck’s worth of books:

August 16, 2008, books

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I got:

  • A collection of sportscaster Jack Buck’s poems. I mean, they cannot be worse than the complete works of Rod McKuen, can they?
  • A book applying Machiavelli to business. One of many, no doubt.
  • A biography of Vermeer. Because I don’t have any so far, that I know of. But given how many books I’ve got these days, who can tell?
  • Crossword Poems Volume One. Oddly enough, this weekend, I saw this book and its companion volume and had no interest in them. Fortunately, as I would have bought duplicates only a week apart, and that’s just embarrassing.

Yesterday’s haul will be forthcoming, and a haul it was.

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