Book Hunting: March 29, 2008

I wouldn’t call it good book hunting. It was nominally the first garage sale weekend, so we hit a couple advertised in the Old Trees local papers. Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago when the people decided to throw their sales, it was 70 degrees on the weekend. Yesterday morning, it was 38 with a wind. So not many people were out, and nobody was happy about it.

Here’s our take:

March 29 book
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I got:

  • Space Wars Worlds and Weapons, a book of space weapons art from 1979. No doubt designed to tap into Star Wars‘s new popularity.
  • THX 1138, George Lucas dystopian first film on videocassette.
  • Two Garth Brooks CDs, Garth Brooks and The Chase.
  • The soundtrack for Dazed and Confused. Soundtracks for period nostalgia movies are better for collecting a number of period hits at cheap prices at garage sales. They’re often better than hit compilations, since so many hit compilations get “hits” you’ve never heard of because they’re cheaper than real hits. The movie guys, though, they spent the money and got the A-list stuff.
  • Adore by Blind Melon because I have only heard one Blind Melon song, and $1 for the whole album is cheap.

The son(s) got a stack of Dr. Seuss big boy books. My beautiful wife came away empty, figuratively of course because she’s literally quite full these days.

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1 thought on “Book Hunting: March 29, 2008

  1. I had been looking for that Stewart Cowley book for eons and actually found it and an omnibus edition of Spacecraft 2000 to 2100AD and Great Space Battles at The Book Nook.

    It was like I was beamed back to middle school… :)

    (Word verification is “vdwjb”, although how Blogger knew what illness William Jennings Bryan had is beyond me…)

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