Local News Bits

  • U.S. Senate Poll: Greitens leads Republican candidates ahead of August primary for Mo.; Kunce leads Democratic ticket

    The media is trying to make Greitens happen. This poll was commissioned by television stations, and the company conducting the poll has a spotty reputation when it comes to predicting actual winners.

  • Pierce City, Mo. could have a ‘mass exodus’ of police officers:

    Pierce City officers say they plan to resign over concerns they have with the policies of the newly elected mayor. On Tuesday, Mayor Edward Golubski spoke with KY3 but declined to go on camera. The Mayor said he feels blindsided by the issue. He said he wants the best for the city and is happy to help work with the police to ease their concerns.

    “It’s going to be a mass exodus,” Pierce City Officer Chris Hutson said. “Most, if not all of the police officers will be leaving soon.”

    Chris Hutson has been a Pierce City officer for two years. And he has been a part of law enforcement for ten years. Hutson said he is now resigning entirely.

    ”I would be very concerned as to why it’s happening and what’s going to happen to the city,” Hutson said.

    He said it starts with concerns over several of Mayor Golubski’s policies.

    ”He attempted to relieve the chief of his duties and appoint someone that was not only not qualified, but her moral compass is so messed up that it’s unreal,” Hutson said.

    The fact that the news story does not delve into the nature of the policies nor the person to be appointed chief of police, instead focusing on police abandoning their positions, makes one wonder what those policies are. One can speculate, though.

    Although, to be honest, it might not be Soros dipping into small towns but rather someone wanting to promote a relative or significant other. However, the “journalists” don’t dig into the reasons.

    Maybe, if Pierce City runs out of police force, they can deploy their tanks (just kidding, they’re National Guard tanks, but I like linking to that old post).

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