Media Trying To Make The Greitens Thing Happen

GOP split on alternative to Greitens in Missouri Senate race

Report: Trump won’t rule out Greitens Senate endorsement

C’mon, man. Although it’s been years since I was active in the party, I’ve seen reports that the former governor (was he the governor? it was so brief, and so long ago) is polling way, way down, maybe even lower than the St. Louis attorney who faced off with protrioters in his gated community whilst holding a gun.

Back in the day, the media piled on Greitens, especially when a Sorosecutor brought shaky charges against him (dropped after he resigned), and watchdog after watchdog filed spurious ethics complaints against him.

Now, the media wants us to believe he’s the Trump man? That the other qualified candidates are but alternatives to him?

One suspects the media wants this flawed candidate to win the primary so he can lose the general (a la Claire McCaskill’s pumping Todd Akin (which she later admitted in a piece for Politico magazine)).

I have my ranking of candidates for the primary, and Greitens is not listed. Even if Trump does eventually endorse him.

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