My Phone Does Not Know Me Too Well

Spent the morning at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri, for a cross country meet in the rain and the mud. Got soaking wet, and wondered if the event would be canceled because the weather predicted rain and thunderstorms for the entire day. On the way in, I saw that the venue was hosting a monster truck rally in the evening; I wondered if they would postpone the event long enough that we would get free entrance to the monster truck rally.

The running was postponed (but only for about thirty minutes thanks to the heroic efforts of the powers that be), so I guess not, but I was texting my beautiful wife, who stayed behind due to illness, and the phone’s suggestions were way off.

It did not suggest any work by Joyce Kilmer. Nor what I was really talking about.

Now I’ll have to watch to see how many times the iPhone suggests “monster truck rally” in the future.

Because I am sure I am further on Apple’s that kind of people list now.

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