Good Thing I Stocked Up

Oregon Muse at the Ace of Spades HQ Book Thread says used book prices are about to go through the roof:

Slow Books

Well, here’s something else we can thank Joe Biden and the pack of ignorant fools he has surrounded himself with: New books will be hard to come by for the rest of the year, due to their ill-conceived economic policies that completely messed with the supply chain. First toilet paper, then, lumber, and now books:

Publishers are warning sellers and consumers that supply chain issues have forced a major slowdown in book production and threaten a shortage of certain titles for the rest of the year. Supply chain problems have touched almost every aspect of book production, storage, and delivery, mostly as a result of Covid-related bottlenecks. Printer capacity issues plagued the publishing industry last year, too, though 2021 is expected to be worse.

Naturally, those of you who prefer printed books will be, as they way, hardest hit….

Not me, brother. I have thousands of books to choose from here at Nogglestead, more than I can read in a lifetime.

I’m just waiting for the federal government’s forthcoming Cash for Thunkers program, where you must trade in used books for cash, or maybe just copies of the latest “educational” material, and the black market of books leads to real price increases. And organized crime. Where you can go to Bidnetto’s Lending Library, but if you fail to return a book, let’s just say that it won’t be the Library Policeman that comes for you.

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