Good Book Hunting, July 31, 2021: ABC Books

On Saturday, the boys and I made the trek to north Springfield to ABC Books to kill some time. The Martial Arts section is down to three books, one of which is the other Tai Chi Walking book that I did not buy. I have also scoured through the boxing/wrestling section for how-to books but came up empty. I have long-since taken the Green Bay Packers books from the football section (see Life After Favre). So this time, I hit all of the sports books and ended up getting a book from the bicycling section. And I picked up a couple volumes of poetry since I never can seem to find a short collection when I want to (but I can find several hundred page complete collections from various poets).

I got:

  • A Bend in the Road: A collection of poetry and artwork by the residents of Beverly Enterprises which seems to be a poetry collection from the residents of a nursing home.
  • The Later Romances, poems by Eric Pankey.
  • Carver: A Life In Poems by Marilyn Nelson, a collection of poems for young people about George Washington Carver.
  • The Immortal Class: Bike Messengers and the Cult of Human Power by Travis Hugh Culley. This was in the bicycling section, but I’ll bet it’s more of a Meaningful Exploration of Humanity through the lens of this particular profession by someone who went to college and wanted to write a book.
  • This, coupled with two books I bought at a garage sale this week, means I only have bought six books this week. Which is, unfortunately, more than I have read recently. After a powerful start to the year, I only read eight books in July. Which, I guess is pretty good at that.

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