This Just In: Additional Gun Law Advocates Advocate Additional Gun Laws

You see “many” in a headline like this, and you know who the particular “many” are: Week of violent crimes in Springfield leaves many seeking a larger conversation

The professionals.

Because if you put Professionals with Moms Demand Action or Man Planning Political Career in the headline, it’s definitely less compelling.

Strangely enough, the conversations are about what advocacy groups and the government should do, which is the predictable litany of social programs and gun proscriptions that have not had the intended results over the course of the last sixty years.

It does not say about reaching out to anyone about how our culture or cultures have come to a place where shooting, stabbing, stealing, and a whole variety of immoral acts are no longer condemned or punished. The root causes are always found to be economic, structural, or something other than individuals acting on their own agency against a shared moral code. The very thought of morals oppresses people by telling them not to act a certain way.

No, clearly, what we need are more laws for the lawless to ignore and slush funds for professional advocates and their organizations.

Someone at KY3, probably someone young, picked some low-hanging fruit with this article/news story and wrote the same story that has been written for the last sixty years, leading us in a descending widening gyre.

On the other hand, I guess it’s good that coronavirus EXTINCTION-LEVEL EVENT has passed and we’re back to gun violence. On the other tentacle, it’s always something.

UPDATE: See also An interesting discussion on criminal “gun violence” which is a little more nuanced than you get out of twenty-four-year-olds writing the news.

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