The New Shows of 1987 Quiz

Earlier this week, I watched a video that listed the new shows of 1983 and turned it into a quiz wherein I listed the ones I remembered.

I have done the same with the 24 New Shows of 1987 (26 if you count the two Fox shows mentioned but not depicted).

As then, I have bolded the shows I remember and included links to any I mentioned by name on this blog.

  • Dolly!, a variety show. Come on, kids did not watch these.
  • Women in Prison, a sitcom?
  • A Different World, which I didn’t watch. But I didn’t watch The Cosby Show, either.
  • Full House
  • Second Chance
  • Everything’s Relative complete with shot of the World Trade Center in the beginning of the intro.
  • My Two Dads; I remember a single episode, where they give a party and try to engage the teens in conversation, and the daughter imagines them as really old.
  • I Married Dora; I am pretty sure I watched this every week and was very disappointed when it was cancelled. I remember the ending of the last show, where they break down the fourth wall and say they were cancelled and all bow. Also, this program more than Down and Out in Beverly Hills caused my crush on Elizabeth Peña.
  • Buck James
  • A Year in the Life
  • thirtysomething; although this came on at nine, so I didn’t watch it. Not that I would have. Thirty-something was old.
  • Frank’s Place; I’d like to think I kind of remember this, but not for sure.
  • The “Slap” Maxwell Story
  • Hooperman; although all I remember is that John Ritter was the title character. Good enough for trivia nights.
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Once a Hero
  • The Oldest Rookie
  • The Law and Harry McGraw; although, again, only the title and that Jerry Orbach was in it.
  • Jake and the Fatman; Joe Penny’s show after Riptide
  • J.J. Starbuck
  • Leg Work
  • Private Eye; I want to say I remember this, but there were so many shows (and video games with the same or similar names.
  • Wiseguy; didn’t see it though, as I think it was a nine o’clock start.
  • Tour of Duty; also here and here. I actually have the whole series on DVD as I previously mentioned.

So I rmemember a bunch of them, but only watched two of them back in the day (watching the videocassettes that my father recorded with him and my brother counts).

Weird; I thought I had a lot of time to watch cable in the old days; however, by 1987, we were living in the trailer and we had cable, so I was watching a bunch of movies on Showtime over and over as I have previously mentioned.

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