My Question Answered, Unfortunately

I’ve been seeing Salt Life stickers on rear windows of cars for years. Well, I have been seeing something for years, and I only relatively recently pieced together that the stickers said Salt Life. I wondered what that meant, but never really enough to look it up when I got home. Or maybe I did but it didn’t stick with me.

Well, I know now:

A co-founder of a popular Florida clothing brand has been charged with manslaughter and gun possession in the death of an 18-year-old woman found shot at a South Florida hotel, police said.

Michael Troy Hutto, 54, who co-founded Salt Life apparel in Jacksonville Beach with three friends in 2003, was arrested Friday at a hospital in Jacksonville while wearing hospital scrubs and skid-proof socks, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

To be honest, I don’t really get putting a sticker on your car telling everyone your clothing choice. Or the Ron Jon Surf Shop stickers on cars here in Missouri. Maybe beach people are just different. I am sure Jimmy Buffett would explain it to me.

One thing is certain: I will know what Salt Life is, although I might be seeing it on fewer cars in the future.