Where, Exactly, Does She Live?

It’s supposed to be a heartwarming story of people getting out there and voting [the right way], I guess: Michigan woman travels 300 miles to vote:

A 94-year-old Michigan woman went more than the extra mile to vote in this year’s election.

In fact, [redacted] traveled over 300 miles to make sure her vote was counted.

She’s apparently been an activist in Detroit for most of her life, but:

[Redacted] is staying with family in a suburb of Chicago and when she did not receive her absentee ballot, she asked her son to drive her to Detroit so that she could vote.

Questions abound outside the text of the “news” story, such as:

  • Does she live with relatives in Chicago?
  • Did she not get issued an absentee ballot because she had no residence address in Detroit, and Michigan would not mail it to Chicago?
  • If so, why was it so important to vote in what might be a swing state this year and not in Chicago, which is in a pretty solid Democrat state?

Those questions come to my mind, but cynicism is my life, not just my vocation. And I am not a professional journalist who is trying to drum up voting on one side of the political equation (see: cynicism is my life above).

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