News I Could Have Used Yesterday

Here’s why canned corn might be tough to find at supermarkets:

Add canned corn to the list of supermarket staples that have become elusive amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The pandemic has roiled the supply chain for canned sweet corn in several ways, meaning it might be tough to track down at your local grocery store, a new report says.

The New York Post links to a Wall Street Journal slideshow that has all the normal things: limited sweet corn production, limited and expensive transportation, brisk sales in the past. Basically, a lot of people bought canned goods this year, which depleted existing stocks, and not enough will be coming through the pipeline to replace all that was already sold.

I say I could have used this yesterday as I went to the grocery and bought six cans of whole kernel corn on sale, and I should have bought twelve. As it stands, I culled our cabinet collection for the quarter and took a couple hundred pounds of cans, mostly vegetables, to the local food bank. The vegetables at our local grocery tend to have a “best buy” date that doesn’t move but every couple of years; when the canned goods in 2018 say Dec 2020, they will say Dec 2020 until sometime in mid 2020, which means everything I buy for a year and a half will become food pantry fodder at the same time. So I have far fewer just-in-case food on hand than I did earlier this week, and in an election year, too.

Good thing I have news like this so that me and several million of my closest friends can make a run on the grocery stores to clear them of all canned corn to help solve the problem.

Meanwhile, I need to get to the grocery more often. The whole pick up something extra every trip, which goes along with the pick up something for the food bank every trip, kind of fails when every trip is once every fortnight instead of a couple times a week.

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