Brian J. Noggle: Apostate?

As you might know, gentle reader, I pretty much think that Eydie Gorme did the best rendition of every song she ever recorded, andall other artists who attempt to record new versions of the songs are fools.

However, as I recently picked up a new copy of the album Eydie In Love since the copy I got in 2015 (that long ago? Already?) skipped. I would like to acknowledge that my beautiful wife bought me the CD for my birthday, but when presented with the chance to buy another record (for fifty cents!), I did. I put it on the turntable the other day, and it includes her rendition of “It Could Happen To You”:

But I had recently heard Ashley Pezzotti’s version:

As you know, gentle reader, I am not generally a fan of scatting, but Ashley Pezzotti might be the best I’ve heard.

The two interpretations have a bit of a difference. Eydie is more wistful and mournful–she warns it’s not necessarily a good thing. Ashley is more playful, and although she might have given you that advice previously, love has happened to her, and she’s happy it did.

So does that mean that I think that Eydie Gorme might be trumped by an upstart? Heaven forbid! The interpretations make them completely different songs (and you thought the difference in pronouns was a dodge!).

But I also got a new copy of Eydie On Stage, which has a rendition of “But Not For Me”:

Ms. Pezzotti’s debut album We’ve Only Just Begun has her rendition:

And, erm….

Well, they’re different songs because Eydie’s has the take of an older, more world-weary poet-narrator, and Ashley’s has the perspective of a younger person who is only, hopefully, temporarily discouraged.

Jeez, Louise, I am walking on a thin line here. I love Eydie Gorme, but I’m also quite fond of Ashley Pezzotti. Whereas I am ever hopeful to find a new record of Eydie Gorme’s vast discography when I go to antique malls and book sales, I am also hopeful that the Quarantine Sessions are building up a repertoire for a new Ashley Pezzotti album sometime soon.

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