Good Album Hunting: Vintage Stock, Mid-December

In the middle of December, we hit the local Vintage Stock, which sells old comic book, video games, movies, and, I discovered, LPs, to see if they had a Game Boy Advance Legend of Zelda game. They did not, but did I mention they have LPs, many as low as a dollar each?

So I bought a few.

Here’s what I picked up:

  • Eydie Gorme, Eydie in Love. This might be my favorite Eydie Gorme album now.
  • Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, The ABC Collection.
  • Sade, Stronger than Pride. I love Sade and have a couple of her CDs, but this is my first LP.
  • Maria Muldaur, Southern Winds. I never heard of her, but I took a flier because she might Diana Maldaur’s sister. Well, no, she’s not, but they have the same last name. The LP is 80s songbird pop, a little more electrified version of Linda Ronstadt and Olivia Newton John circa 1976.
  • Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66, Look Around. I like this band, but when I put the record on, I thought perhaps I already had it. But that’s because the band’s music sounds very similar on most their albums. Also, one of my previously purchased albums came in the wrong cover, so I might already have it and not recognize it.
  • Dan Hartman, I Can Dream About You. I originally had this on audiocassette that I bought as a cut-out. I’ve played the Fletch soundtrack which features a couple of these songs a bunch for years, but this album includes the title hit.
  • Natalie Cole, Don’t Look Back.
  • Dean Martin, Hits Again.
  • Dean Martin, Gentle on My Mind.
  • Dean Martin, The Hit Sound of Dean Martin.
  • Ray Parker, Jr., and Raydio, A Woman Needs Love.

They were only a buck each, and one of the Dean Martin covers came with two unrelated platters in it. When I pointed it out to the kid behind the counter, he said “Freebie.” As I said, many of the albums are only a dollar which is cheaper than the thrift stores, and the dollar ones are the ones in my wheelhouse. Others, such as 1970s and 1980s rock, are more than that, but they’re not the sort of thing I listen to on LP.

Hours of listening pleasure, and I ran out of Mylar album protectors after this batch. I know, you’re saying “Did he use four hundred-packs or only three?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all the excitement, I lost track myself. So the question you have to ask yourself is, “Did he order more, the punk?”

Well, yes, I did. And I’ve used over a quarter of the new pack already, but that’s a Good Album Hunting post for another day.

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2 thoughts on “Good Album Hunting: Vintage Stock, Mid-December

  1. Maria Muldaur got the name from ex-husband Geoff Muldaur; they recorded some off-center neo-folk in the Sixties before breaking up. Maria has one big hit to her credit, “Midnight at the Oasis” (1974); you almost certainly know that one.

  2. I’m pretty sure I have heard “Midnight at the Oasis”, but I think it’s the Renee Olstead version.

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