More Than I Have, Certainly

FULL HOUSE! Hoarder’s amazing £4million Aladdin’s Cave with 60,000 treasures packed into terraced house:

AN INCREDIBLE £4million treasure trove of more than 60,000 items has been discovered in the home of Britain’s biggest hoarder.

Most of the haul consists of unopened packages delivered to the property since 2002.

Neighbours say a full Royal Mail van of parcels would arrive at the collector’s home every Friday.

He eventually had to move into a bed and breakfast and rent a one-bedroom flat and two garages to continue to store the items.

One expects that the you-store-it industry is not as big in England as here.

I don’t know that I even aspire to that amount of accumulation. To be honest, my own gathering has tapered off a bit in recent years. I mean, I still buy books, records, and CDs in fair amounts, but I have only bought a single comic book this year (I think), and I’m not out at garage sales and flea markets where I used to pick up larger items like video games or old computers (not that they’re available at garage sales any more–the real vintage window closed) or old cameras or things I thought were cool but just take up space in the store room or closet. I have not picked up any crafting hobbies that led to trips to the craft store to stock up on a lot of supplies that have gotten sidelined. I never really got into collecting action figures, toys, or mementos to fill a house. I’ve even started trimming my collection of old clothing–I had thirty years of shirts and old jeans stashed away–what depression did I live through?

Although you haven’t seen a depackratification post in years here, gentle reader, look kindly upon me and think, as I do, that I am depackratifying by simply slowing my rate of accumulation. And, should I call upon you during a discussion with my beautiful wife as to whether we really need a bigger home or not (you-store-its are for the weak!), please agree with me.

Thank you, that is all.

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