Brian J., Unbalanced

It’s been last August since I’ve spoken of my musical purchasing balance.

As you might recall, I tend to end up buying fairly equal amounts between jazz songbirds and metal. When last we spoke, I’d boughten slightly more metal than jazz songbirds (eight to seven, I think, over four months) which sort of balanced a preceding year that was a little heavy on jazz songbirds.

But in the last, my goodness, ten months I’ve bought a lot more metal than jazz.

I’ve also boughten a couple of singles (and even an album or two) on MP3 because during the recent unpleasantness Amazon gave you big credits to the digital store for delaying your order.

So I’ve gotten:

  • Birth of the Cool Miles Davis
  • Generation Flee Connor Fiehler
  • Rival Seasons (EP) Hard Loss
  • “Wish You Were Here” (Single) Janet Evra
  • It Just Happens That Way Mindi Abair
  • “82nd All The Way” Amaranthe
  • Massive Addictive Amaranthe
  • “What Lies Ahead” Semblant
  • Weather Huey Lewis and the News
  • Lux Gemini Syndrome
  • Helix Amaranthe
  • Silent Machine Twelve Foot Ninja
  • Something Supernatural Crobot
  • Motherbrain Crobot
  • “Mere Shadow” Semblant
  • Battles In Flames
  • I, The Mask In Flames
  • Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terror Vortex Gloryhammer
  • Follow the Cipher Follow the Cipher
  • Fifth of Beethoven Walter Murphy Band
  • Welcome Home Hellyeah
  • Atonement Killswitch Engage

I don’t know why I have been hitting the metal so hard. I think it’s because I really get into an artist like Amaranthe, Crobot, or In Flames, and I buy a couple CDs from them.

But that’s 12 metal albums and three singles compared to one album and one singles for jazz songbirds.

Rival Seasons and Generation Flee are bands/artists whose parents I know. I got Fifth of Beethoven on the off chance that we would have to use a CD player for our disco-themed Trunk or Treat trunk instead of a mobile device. And I got the last latest Huey Lewis and the News album after reading another profile on him (strangely enough, a different profile than I linked in February).

And, cmon, man, I got The Birth of the Cool because Miles Davis (and hence doubling my score on this quiz.)

But the lack of balance ultimately gives me permission to buy one or more Lindsay Webster albums.

As if I need permission to be profligate. I have laid off of the K-Cups and Duraflame logs for months now.

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