A Quiz, But About Old St. Louis Restaurants

I know, I know. Most of the time I do a “quiz” to humblebrag about how much great literature I read or how much of contemporary popular culture I do not consume.

However, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has published a list of 36 restaurants that have closed, so I thought I’d list the ones I’ve been to. Before they closed. Which is unlike the Coral Courts Motel, which a woman took me to after it had closed.

At any rate, I’ve been to the ones in bold and think I might have been to the ones in italics:

  • Big Boy’s in Wright City
  • Arcelia’s in St. Louis
  • Beffa’s in St. Louis
  • Busch’s Grove in Ladue
  • Casa Gallardo chain
  • Copia in St. Louis (I worked downtown for a while, and I knew this was nearby, so I might have been)
  • Dandy Inn in Fairview Heights
  • The Diamonds Restaurant
  • Dohack’s in south St. Louis County, Festus
  • Dooley’s Ltd.
  • Duff’s in Central West End
  • Fatted Calf in Clayton
  • Fischer’s in Belleville
  • Flaming Pit
  • Floating McDonald’s
  • Forum Cafeteria, St. Louis
  • Garavelli’s in south St. Louis
  • Gian Peppe’s on The Hill
  • The Green Parrot Inn
  • Halls Ferry Inn in Florissant
  • Jacks or Better, multiple locations (it seems to me there was one on Lemay Ferry Road that I might have gone to with family before I actually lived in Lemay for a while)
  • Kemoll’s in downtown St. Louis
  • King Louie’s in St. Louis
  • Kopperman’s Deli
  • Lemmons in south St. Louis
  • Lettuce Leaf in Clayton
  • The Libertine in Clayton
  • Miss Hullings in St. Louis
  • Noah’s Ark in St. Charles (at the very least, I attended a Pachyderms meeting there one evening–which is itself an interesting story)
  • Ponticello’s in Spanish Lake
  • The Parkmoor in Clayton
  • Pelican’s in south St. Louis
  • Pope’s Cafeteria, multiple locations
  • Rossino’s in Central West End
  • Romine’s in St. Louis
  • Wainwrights in Belleville

You know, that’s not bad considering that some of them were not open for long, were not open when I was in that young adulthood where I went out to eat a lot, or were open outside the twentyish years I lived in the St. Louis area.

I never did make it to the floating McDonald’s, though; trips to downtown St. Louis were very rare when I was young.

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