A Hand Out, Not A Hand Up

Tyson Foods chairman warns ‘the food supply chain is breaking’:

The chairman of Tyson Foods is warning that “millions of pounds of meat will disappear” from the national food supply chain as the coronavirus outbreak forces food processing plants to shutter.

“The food supply chain is breaking,” John Tyson wrote in a full-page advertisement published Sunday in The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

An advertisement in the papers? Why run an advertisement in the papers, especially the New York Times and the Washington Post?

Unless it’s a call for… government action in the form of money or a special guest worker program or something.

You know, I used to be young and cynical, but that’s back in the days when I was a foolish optimist.

(Link via Instapundit. See also Powerline.)

UPDATE: Well, they got something: Trump to Order Meat Plants to Stay Open in Move Slammed by Union. Maybe not what they wanted. (Link via Instapundit.)

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