Brian J. Unbalanced

It’s been like eight months since I posted about my musical balance, wherein I prove yet again that my musical taste runs in jazz songbirds and heavy metal.

Well, Brian J., you ask. How have you done over the Christmas season, where the One For You/One For Me protocol takes effect?

Well. Last Christmas, the One For You/One For Me protocol took place mostly at antique malls which don’t count in the arbitrary classifications that I made up for these posts (especially since they don’t fit into the schtick of these posts, but note that my album buying tends to be jazz or easy listening from the mid-twentieth century, R&B, and lately a little disco and 80s pop). So I’ve only bought fourteen CDs new in the last eight months (is that a lot?), and most of them have been the jazz songbirds. Reeling backwards through my Amazon order history, I see that I bought a bunch of metal in the late summer and early autumn and mostly jazz songbirds since.

Here’s what I’ve bought since last July:

  • Cindy Bradley Unscripted
  • Cindy Bradley Natural
  • Sara Gazarek Return to You
  • Erin Bode Little Garden
  • Erin Bode Be Still My Soul
  • Erin Bode A Cold December Night
  • Erin Bode Here and Now
  • Erin Bode The Little Garden
  • Natsumi Kiyoura Jyukuiro
  • U.D.O. Rev-Raptor
  • Diamonte Coming In Hot
  • Unleash The Archers Time Stands Still
  • Ghost Prequelle
  • Unleash the Archers Apex

That’s eight jazz, one Japanese pop singer, and five metal CDs (three of which are bands fronted by women who might be metal songbirds if the concept were not so alien as to be almost incomprehensible).

I warned you that Erin Bode would unbalance my purchases, but that’s not the only reason.

I haven’t been listening to Spotify to find metal artists that sound similar to bands that I already like. I haven’t been hearing much new metal on the local hard rock station. That’s partly because I’ve been listening to audio courses or books like this one, and partly because Q102 hasn’t yet convinced me that I like Bring Me The Horizon.

Instead, I’ve been listening to the stream of WSIE a lot, and it has reminded me that I like Sara Gazarek and recently introduced me to Cindy Bradley who sounds a little like later Herb Alpert:

She might be the second prettiest trumpeter in the world. The first, unfortunately, is not on YouTube.

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