Wherein Brian J. Vows To Never Again Comment On Firearms In Mack Bolan Books

Brian Drake (no relation) has a letter from gun writer Jerry Ahern to Gold Eagle about Mack Bolan’s weapons.

Many of the suggestions I’ve probably remarked on in individual book reports as wrong!.

On the plus side, I spared myself ignomy by mocking this passage from Twisted Path:

McIntyre joined Carrillo. “As we agreed. Twenty cases of M-16s, ten cases of M-60 GPMGs and a hundred fifty cases of 7.62 mm ammunition.

I was all finta go full Nelson Muntz “Haw, haw!” on it publickly and say, “That ammunition doesn’t fit in either gun!” But then I realized I was mistaking the M-60 for Ma Deuce, and the M-60 is chambered in 7.62 after all.

Ah, well.

(Reality check via Ms. K.)