Amateur Hour

So ABC Books posted this on their Facebook timeline:

Of course, I think 20 unread books in a home means that nobody lives in the home and it’s being staged for sale by a realtor.

For the record, I have almost 20 unread books that I bought at ABC Books last year.

They include:

From May 5:

  • Makers of the Modern Theological Mind: H. Richard Niebuhr
  • Understanding Zen
  • An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
  • The Search for Satori and Creativity

(In my defense, I did read The Tao of Elvis from that trip, and I started but put down The Search for Satori and Creativity.)

From September 29:

  • Strength Finder 2.0
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Bible
  • The Rights of Man
  • Everyday Zen
  • The Analects of Confucius

(From that trip, I did read Socrates, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus.)

From November 28:

  • Makers of the Modern Theological Minds: Martin Buber
  • Makers of the Modern Theological Minds: Teilhard De Chardin
  • Makers of the Modern Theological Minds: H. Richard Niebuhr
  • Don’t Know Much About the Bible

(Yes, that is the second copy of the book on the other Niebuhr that I bought; once I realized it, I gave one away as a Christmas gift.)

From December 31:

  • The Sword of Genghis Khan
  • Of Reading Books
  • Murder in the Catherdral
  • A collections of Aristophanes
  • A collection of Euripides

(I did, however, read Killer Mine.)

Frankly, I’m stunned that I’ve only been to ABC Books five times in the last year. And what restraint!

But, yeah, Nogglestead has a couple of unread books, but that does not stop me from buying more.

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