Good Book Hunting, November 25, 2017: ABC Books

On Saturday, we took a trip up to ABC Books because it was Small Business Saturday, and the books were 50 percent off. Which didn’t help us with the cost of the gift cards we bought for our children’s teachers, but it did give us an excuse to buy some books.

I bought a couple books from the Makers of the Modern Theological Mind Series (H. Richard Niebuhr, Teilhard de Chardin, and Martin Buber) and Don’t Know Much About The Bible.

It was a rare day, as my beautiful wife bought more than I did. She attributes it to the wine she had with lunch. I attribute it to the fact that I stop by the store every couple of months and drain it of the items I want regularly, leaving me less to gorge on the next time I come. Regardless, it was a fruitful trip, and I’ll get to these books someday.

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3 thoughts on “Good Book Hunting, November 25, 2017: ABC Books

  1. The “Makers” series is a good one; I have the Pannenberg volume unless I’ve given it away.

    Davis works very hard to prove the title of his book true; it’s a collection of genuine but unremarkable Biblical scholarship with some “cutting edge” notions that are a lot duller 20 years later.

  2. Thanks, but I’ve got some other HRN that covers most of what I need from him.

    On the other stack, “Who Is This Man?” gave me a lot to think about. Used it as the basis for a sermon series last year.

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