I Provide My Children With An Annotated Guide To My Humor

Suddenly, my son turns up the radio whenever he hears “Rumor Has It” or “Hello”.

So I tell him, “Dude, you’re getting Adele.”

He doesn’t get it.

When I heard Adele on the radio:

I thought, “She’s younger than Joss Stone.” Which blew me away. About a decade ago, St. Louis radio had 104.1 Red, which was an actual broadcast radio station that played Big Bandish, Tony Bennett, light swing jazz sorts of things that included Joss Stone. A teenaged British wunderkind singing “I’ve Got A Right To Be Wrong”:

So I looked into it.

Actually, because Joss Stone was a wunderkind who hit the radio in her teens and because Adele is a little older than I thought, they’re closer in age than I’d expected. Joss is a little over a year older.

But a decade later, I sure miss the radio station. I’ve picked up three Joss Stone albums since then, zero Adele. But not for long. And if I do, I’ll be sure to hide them from my child.

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