Good Album Hunting: Red Racks Thrift Store, December 27, 2015

When last we left my Quest for the Metal Queen, I foolishly left behind an awesome looking 80s metal record at Relics Antique Mall. And I vowed to return for it.

The next day was a Sunday, and I couldn’t remember when Relics opened. I have an hour between 9:30 and 10:30 where the children and my beautiful wife are in Sunday School and I’m in the corner of Springfield by Red Racks. Monday through Saturday, Relics opens at 10; on Sunday, though, it doesn’t open until noon.

Still, I was hungry for LPs, so I stopped by the Red Racks thrift store nearby.

Red Racks has a decent collection of LPs for sale, eight or ten orange crates full, but the turnover isn’t that good, so I end up seeing the same or very, very similar sets of records every time I go there. A lot of Mac Davis, a lot of gospel, and enough Tennessee Ernie Ford to fill Tennessee.

I passed on a Steve Lawrence title or two (although based on intelligence gleaned from Dustbury’s comment to the post linked above, I might start grabbing some of them as I come across them. I also passed on a Claudine Longet LP that I don’t have because I didn’t really glom onto her work when I’ve listened to the other couple I got (from Red Racks, appropriately enough).

I found this pair:

Maynard Ferguson’s Hollywood; I’ll buy any Ferguson on sight.

Richie Cole’s alto madness; now this is the sound I associate with jazz. A light, airy, saxophone heavy bit of background music. I’ll look for this artist in the future.

But no Metal Queen. Yet.