Wherein Brian J. Is Made To Look Like A Piker

Randy Johnson (not the baseball pitcher) rounds up his October reading: Thirty books.

I’m not my top pace of a couple years back, and even then I was not reading thirty books a month.

Here’s what I completed in October, if you’re interested:

Poems of Creatures Large and Small edited by Gail Harvey
Dirty South Ace Atkins
The Fall Albert Camus
Longarm and the Border Showdown Tabor Evans
As Autumn Approaches Ronald E. Piggee
No Exit and Three Other Plays Jean-Paul Sartre
Leif and Thorkel Genevra Snedden

Which are books 41-47 of the year.

My peak in recent years is 106 in 2011.

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1 thought on “Wherein Brian J. Is Made To Look Like A Piker

  1. Just 5 for me:

    The Tempest by William Shakespeare
    Metal Bikini #4-6 by Jason Waltrip
    Henry V by William Shakespeare

    I’m not sure what my annual count is at this point.

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