Good Book Hunting: Pumpkin Daze 2014

I swear, I did not mean to acquire a couple stacks of books today. We went to Republic’s Pumpkin Daze, a fall harvest festival with crafts, large vegetables, and funnel cakes, for a little while yesterday afternoon.

One of the booths featured retired educational professionals raising money for local scholarships. They did this by selling books. As we were late in the day, they offered everything you could fit into a bag for a buck.

So I did.

Pumpkin Daze books

The booth featured a lot of vintage science fiction paperbacks, so I helped myself. Here’s a partial list of what I got:

  • Starman Jones by Robert Heinlein
  • Solar Lottery by Philip K. Dick
  • The Guns of Terra 10 by Don Pendleton, the author of the Executioner series.
  • Two from a series called Agent of T.E.R.R.A.
  • Two hardbacks from an anthology series called Flashing Swords!
  • A couple of series paperbacks, Starhawk # 1 and something from the War, Inc., line
  • Tanar of Pellugidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Wine of the Dreamers, science fiction by John D. MacDonald of Travis McGee fame and MfBJN love
  • Ox by Piers Anthony
  • The Complete Book of Shooting
  • Sarah Palin’s America By Heart to go alongside the currently unread Going Rogue
  • A Pocket Billiards rule book
  • An Andy Rooney book, Common Nonsense, that I did not recognize


Wow, what a collection. I’m looking forward to getting started on them.

And the total for my two stacks, my beautiful wife’s stack, and the sole book picked out by my oldest son, was $4 because I double-bagged our two sacks.