Book Report: Churchill: In Memoriam by the Staff of the New York Times (1965)

Book coverThe New York Times threw together this book after Churchill’s death. It rounds up reactions to his death, statements from other world figures, and includes a brief biography of his life.

The biography is a bit weird. The bulk of it, the first chapter, deals with his leadership in Britain before and during World War II. The second chapter of the bio deals with his family’s origin and his early years. The third chapter of it deals with his political life after he lost the Prime Minister position after World War II. A final short chapter includes some of his aphorisms.

I’ve got quite a stack of Churchillenalia, including some of his books, some bios, and letters he exchanged with his wife. So this little paperback might be a gateway into those books. It’s a bit stiff of a read, but it’s respectful. I wonder if the newspaper would be capable of this sort of thing now, but I doubt twenty-first century purchasers of death-commemorative books want prose. Probably just pictures.

But it was worth reading for the summary of his life if nothing else.

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